New-Moon Stud is proud to introduce the Shagya-Araber breed to Australia

Our foundation consists of three imported mares (Zariah al Samarra pictured below right), a colt imported in-utero (NM Galileo), and a growing bank of imported semen from approved and performance-tested international stallions.  We have also had five of our purebred Arabian mares approved by inspection for Shagya-Araber breeding.

The Shagya-Araber is a medium-sized (15.1hh to 16.1hh) sport horse which carries the prized Arabian traits of stamina, courage, heart and lightness of foot, combined with a steady temperament, good bone and sport-horse conformation.

The breed was developed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire for their light cavalry in the 18th century, and is today the result of centuries of careful selection for conformation, performance, temperament and prepotency.

At New-Moon Stud our focus is endurance, in which the Shagya-Araber excels (see our Hall of Fame). Shagya-Araber horses have won many International championship rides, including the Tevis Cup and 160km WEG Endurance Championship.

The Shagya-Araber has also been used extensively in the development of many European warmblood breeds (see article on The Shagya-Araber Today).  The Shagya-Araber is recognised in Europe as a valuable addition to warmblood breeding programs, particularly Trakehner.  The National Lipizzaner stud at Piber selected a Shagya-Araber stallion as a rare outcross to add refinement to their breeding program.

Our three Shagya-Araber mares and two of our purebred Arabian mares have been inspected and approved for Trakehner breeding, and have been accepted into Stud Book 1 of the Trakehner Verband in Germany.

The Shagya-Araber breed standard recommends a height of 15.1-16.1hh, with a cannon not less than 18cm diameter.  The breeding goal is for an elegant, yet substantial Arabian bred riding and carriage horse, with a kind temperament.

Photo top featuring Laila.  Photo credit: Nicole Emanuel
Photo middle right featuring Zariah al Samarra.  Photo credit: Nicole Emanuel
Photo bottom featuring New-Moon Leopold (b 2nd Oct 2015).  Photo credit: Sue Crockett


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