Olymp al Samarra

New Moon Stud is the Australian agent for the Elite Shagya-Araber stallion, Olymp al Samarra. Olymp is the only Shagya-Araber stallion in the world who has been approved in three different stallion performance tests.

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New-Moon Odin

New-Moon Odin is a bold and beautiful 3yo colt, with large expressive eyes, gorgeous neck and shoulder, and elegant movement in all three paces. He was started under saddle in May 2023 and shows a lovely natural frame and promise for future dressage training.

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Tolstoj al Samarra

Tolstoj al Samarra new-Moon Shagya-Araber

New-Moon Stud is the Australian agent for Tolstoj al samarra, a performance-tested Shagya-Araber stallion standing at stud in Germany. Frozen semen currently available.

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