New-Moon Melita

FOR SALE! New-Moon Melita is very much her mother’s daughter, a compact baroque style mare typical of our “M” line, with a confident and friendly nature. She has a gorgeous uphill canter and promises to grow into a stunning mare as she matures.

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New-Moon Jameka

FOR SALE! New-Moon Jameka is the sweetest mare on the stud. Gentle, friendly, easy to train and easy to love. She is very Arabian in type with a beautiful face and large expressive eyes, typical of our “J” line.

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New-Moon Galan

New-Moon Galan Shagya-Araber

FOR SALE: 5yo Shagya-Araber gelding. Recently started his jumping career and has taken to it very well. $14,000 AUD (including GST).

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New-Moon Orion – SOLD

Orion new-Moon Shagya-Araber

New-Moon Orion is a friendly and athletic stallion with ground-covering paces. He has a superb nature, is easy to work with and can be paddocked with mares.

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