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DECEASED. Laila, one of our beautiful Shagya-Araber foundation mares imported from Austria. Her son NM Odin is currently serving at stud.

Djardan DShA4367 Bay 1988

Daikir DShA 3552 Bay 1975

Arjana DShA 3054 Bay 1972

Dahoman II-11 1966 K

Koheilan II-2 1967 Top

Koheilan II 1961 Top

Azanja V 1957 K

851 K. Dahoman II

579 Jalta III

Koheilan II

Shagya XII

Koheilan I

632 Shagya VII

K Aferim

527 Abaza I

Koheilan-746 209Ö ShA Bay 1991

Koheilan III-2 27 ÖShA Bay 1974

Saba-184 62 ÖshA Grey 1980

Koheilan III 1967 Top

86 Orestes II-5 1961 Top

Gazal-4 1971

Siglavy Bagdady 1971 Top

Koheilan II

45 Rasim I-5

Orestes II

691 Shagya X-12

Gazal VII-6

O’Bajan XIII-5

Siglavy Bagdady

111 Shagya XX-13


Highest score purebred Trakehner and Foundation halter horse (score 77.8%) – Trakehners Australia Inc 2014 tour.

About Laila

An extremely elegant and graceful mare, Laila was imported from Ing. Rudolph Meindl’s stud in Austria in 2011 to be a foundation for the Shagya-Araber breeding program at New-Moon Stud.  A breeder of colts, she passed on her elegance, frame and carriage to each of her four sons.  

We have no daughters from Laila, but are blessed with a substantial genetic legacy through her son, New-Moon Odin, who is very much enjoying his new career.  We are already in love with her two grand-daughters NM Ziri and NM Jalara.


New-Moon Odin
New-Moon Leopold
New-Moon Galileo