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RETIRED. Medina is a fairytale white baroque style mare, with a gentle temperament, powerful movement, and wonderful presence. She is one of our beautiful foundation mares imported from Austria. Now retired, her fillies are an amazing legacy for the stud.

Shagan DShA4105 Grey 1998

Shagal DShA3798 Grey 1976 Bartahu

Shydra DShA3616 Grey 1975 Babolna

Shagya I DSAH

48 Siglavy Bagdady DSAH

Shagya XLIV 1962 Babolna

1 Koheilan 1967 Babolna

Shagya XXXVI

91 Siglavy X

Siglavy Bagdady VI ox


Shagya XXXVI

91 Siglavy X

Koheilan XI

21 Kuyhaylan Zaid I

Mirza-372 ÖShA131 Grey 1985

Shagya-91 ÖShA17 Grey 1977

Shagya XLVI-4 ÖShA47 Grey 1977 Babolna

Shagya XXXIX-1-1 1973

Saada 1972

Shagya XLVI 1965 Barth

84 Shagya XL 1968 Babolna

Shagya XXXIX-1

Shagya XXXVII-3

Gazal VII-6

O’Bajan XIII-10

Shagya XXXIX

Shagya XXXVI

Shagya XL



2nd Austrian Ledges 2001

2nd 6yo & over purebred Trakehner class (score 74.2%) Trakehners Australia Inc 2014 tour

About Medina

Medina arrived in Australia in March 2011. She was born and bred at H. Meindl’s farm in Austria.


New-Moon Melita
New-Moon Maia