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New-Moon Melita

FOR SALE! New-Moon Melita is very much her mother’s daughter, a compact baroque style mare typical of our “M” line, with a confident and friendly nature. She has a gorgeous uphill canter and promises to grow into a stunning mare as she matures.

New-Moon Galileo ÖAZV P120188 Bay 2011 Australia

O’Bajan XXIV Dark Brown 1997

Laila ÖShA367 Bay 1997

O’Bajan XVIII Black 1984

178 Juditha Grey 1990

D-jardan DShA4367 Brown 1988

Koheilan-746 ÖShA 209 Br 1991

O’Bajan XIII-1

O’Bajan I-17





Koheilan III-2


Medina ÖShA358 Grey 1998

Shagan DShA4105 Grey 1998

Mirza-372 ÖShA131 Grey 1985

Shagal DShA3798 Grey 1976

Shydra DShA3616 Grey 1975

Shagya-91 ÖShA17 Grey 1977

Shagya XLVI-4 ÖShA47 Grey 1977

Shagya I

48 Siglavy Bagdady

Shagya XLIV

1 Koheilan

Shagya XXXIX-1-1


Shagya XLVI

84 Shagya XL


Reserve Champion Open Junior, Trakehners Australia Inc 2018 tour.  Visiting German judge Frank Weisskirchen awarded NM Melita a 9 for type and 81.43% overall (elite ranking for the tour).


New-Moon Marelda