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New-Moon Odin

New-Moon Odin is a bold and beautiful 3yo colt, with large expressive eyes, gorgeous neck and shoulder, and elegant movement in all three paces. He was started under saddle in May 2023 and shows a lovely natural frame and promise for future dressage training.

Sashenka Lea ox AU Grey

Kosmonaut ox Tersk

Olbia ShA

Adras ox GB

Greengrove Sasha ox GB

Naftalin ox RU

Karinka ox RU

O’Bajan 1-10


Adres ox RU

Arina ox PL

Narim ox RU

Vnuchka ox RU

Djardan Germany Bay

Koheilan-746 ShA Austria Grey

Daikir ShA Germany

Arjana ShA Germany

Koheilan III-2 ShA Austria

Saba-184 62 ShA Austria

Dahoman II-11

Koheilan II-2

Koheilan II

Azanja V

Koheilan III

86 Orestes II-5


Siglavy Bagdady

About New Moon Odin

NM Odin was presented on the Australian All Breeds Tour 2020 to International Judge Frank Weisskirchen. NM Odin scored extremely well, with a 9 for head, and for saddle position/shoulder, and an overall conformation score of 84%. This was second highest conformation score given on the entire 2020 tour. He scored 8 for each of walk, trot and canter, with an overall movement score of 78%. Bringing his total score to 81%, in the Elite tour category. We hope that as he matures and his front end catches up with his hind end, his movement scores will be even better, making him a truly superb future stallion prospect.


New-Moon Ziri
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