The first Australian Shagya-Araber inspection tour has been conducted by Rudolph Meindl and Franz Hoppenberger from Austria, representing the ÖAZV, a member registry of the Internationale Shagya-Araber Gesellschaft (ISG).

Eight purebred Arabian mares were presented for inspection: Kynnum Park Jamila, Arakyle Estarsha and Summerzar M’Zigye were all rated very highly and are approved for Shagya-Araber breeding.  Delrain Beersheba, New-Moon Sofia, Kynnum Park Sasha and Naadjilla passed inspection pending approval of their first 3 foals.  New-Moon Julilla is currently too small to be approved, but otherwise rated very well. She is young and still growing, so will be re-inspected at the next inspection tour.

Both New-Moon Shagya-Araber colts, NM Silver Knight and NM Galileo were well admired, and it was voiced that both should be approved for breeding when they reach inspection age.

Two purebred Arabian stallions from Valinor Park Arabians at Berry were also presented for inspection: Adras and Valinor Park Ghazal. both stallions were approved for Shagya-Araber breeding.

Full results and scores will be presented on this website when available.

Many thanks to Joana Al Samarraie and Nicolai Sieber who assisted with German/Australian translations throughout the week!

Rudolph Meindl, Bec Hogan, Franz Hoppenberger
with Summerzar M’Zigye

Franz Hoppenberger taking measurements of Naadjilla

Franz Hoppenberger and Rudolph Meindl looking
serious in discussion …