Breed: Shagya-Araber
Registration: pending
Date of Birth: 09/03/2018
Licensing: n/a
Colour: Bay
Height: 15.1hh (155cm) (Jan 2021)
Girth: 183cm (Jan 2021)
Cannon: 20.0cm (Jan 2021)

New-Moon Galan is from Zariah al Samarra, a Shagya-Araber mare imported from Germany, by New-Moon Galileo, a Shagya-Araber stallion imported (iu) from Austria.

NM Galan is a well-conformed natural athlete with three easy and balanced paces.  His athleticism and powerful spring would suit a career in jumping.  He was recently introduced to jumps in the round yard and easily pops over 80cm (the maximum height of our set).

He shows a good attitude to work and is a quick learner.  He is confident on the lunge and has good ground manners.  He has been kept and worked barefoot – never shod.

Accustomed to dogs, chooks and a cat around his feet.  Currently paddocked with two Jersey cows and is very confident with them.  Can be paddocked on his own or in mixed company.

Would suit an experienced home that could take him to the top.


Presented to International Judge Frank Weisskirchen on The National Tour 2019, for a score of 75.25%.  NM Galan received scores of 8.0 for his walk and canter, and overall type and movement appearance scores of 7.5.


For Sale:

$8,500 AUD (including GST)


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