New-Moon Galileo

Breed: Shagya-Araber
Registrations: ÖAZV P120188
Date of Birth: 04/08/2011
Colour: Bay
Height: 14.2hh (148cm)
Girth: 176 cm
Cannon: 19cm

New-Moon Galileo was imported in-utero from Austria.  His mother, the Shagya-Araber mare Laila was purchased in Austria, then travelled to Babolna State Stud in Hungary to be bred with the senior Shagya-Araber stallion O’Bajan XXIV, before being imported to Australia via France and England.  Laila won 1st place on the 2014 Trakehners Australia National Inspection tour and is listed in studbook 1 of the German Trakehner Verband.

Interestingly, New-Moon Galileo’s grandfather Batan was discovered in a circus in eastern Europe and purchased for Babolna State Stud to return a bloodline lost during the war. NM Galileo is strong and athletic with a kind and trainable temperament.

NM Galileo was shown on the 2016 Trakehners Australia National Tour for assessment by International Assessor Mathias Werner, with every individual score at 7.5 or above.  He scored 7.5 for both walk and canter, and 8.0 for the trot.

He was trained to saddle as a 4yo colt, with the trainer stating he was the nicest colt he had ever started.  He then worked as a paddock stallion through the following two seasons and was gelded in 2017 to make way for our younger and taller colts.  His saddle work re-commenced in late 2017.

NM Galileo has basic flatwork education and will travel in a collected frame in all three paces.  He has many kilometres of bush trail riding experience, both on his own and in company, and has successfully completed 80km in endurance with excellent recoveries.

His conformation and trainability would suit a range of disciplines.




O’Bajan XXIV
Dark Brown 1997
Black 1984
O’Bajan XIII-1 CH-ShA/2/59O’Bajan XIII
68 Siglavy VI-9
O’Bajan I-17 DSAHoo93O’Bajan I
35 O’Bajan X-1
178 Juditha
Grey 1990
Paris DShA 3937Bartok
Jarmila DShA 4061Balaton
Laila 367ÖshA
Bay 1997
Djardan DShA4367
Bay 1988
Daikir DShA 3552Dahoman II-11
Koheilan II-2
Arjana DShA 3054Koheilan II
Azanja V
Koheilan-746 209ÖShA
Bay 1991
Koheilan III-2 27 ÖShAKoheilan III
86 Orestes II-5
Saba-184 62 ÖshAGazal-4
Siglavy Bagdady


New-Moon Melita

Shagya-Araber filly from Medina (Shagya-Araber mare imported from Austria)

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