Breed: Shagya-Araber
Registrations: 367 ÖShA
Date of Birth: 05/04/1997
Licensing – ISG: 05/09/2001
Licensing – TV: 06/03/2014, score 77.8%
Colour: Bay
Height: 15.1hh (155cm)
Girth: 185cm
Cannon: 19cm
Genetics: SCID, LFS, CA – tested all clear

Laila arrived in Australia in March 2011, purchased from Ing. R. Meindl’s farm in Austria.  Laila is an elegant, friendly mare, with graceful floating paces.

Laila was imported in foal to the dark brown Shagya-Araber stallion O’Bajan XXIV, who stands at Babolna State Stud in Hungary.  New-Moon Galileo was born in August 2011.

Highest score purebred Trakehner and Foundation halter horse (score 77.8%) – Trakehners Australia Inc 2014 tour.

Laila, ShA mare in Austria, 2010


Djardan DShA4367
Bay 1988
Daikir DShA 3552
Bay 1975
Dahoman II-11
1966 K
851 K. Dahoman II
579 Jalta III
Koheilan II-2
1967 Top
Koheilan II
Shagya XII
Arjana DShA 3054
Bay 1972
Koheilan II
1961 Top
Koheilan I
632 Shagya VII
Azanja V
1957 K
K Aferim
527 Abaza I
Koheilan-746 209ÖShA
Bay 1991
Koheilan III-2 27 ÖShA
Bay 1974
Koheilan III
1967 Top
Koheilan II
45 Rasim I-5
86 Orestes II-5
1961 Top
Orestes II
691 Shagya X-12
Saba-184 62 ÖshA
Grey 1980
Gazal VII-6
O’Bajan XIII-5
Siglavy Bagdady
1971 Top
Siglavy Bagdady
111 Shagya XX-13


Ovid, ShA stallion - ISG conference July 2012


Shagya-Araber colt by Or-Kahn (Shagya-Araber – O’Bajan lines – Austria)
Lives in Austria

New-Moon Galileo ShA, photo by Sue Crockett

New-Moon Galileo 

Shagya-Araber colt by O’Bajan XXIV (Shagya-Araber – Babolna, Hungary)

New-Moon Leopold Trak., 2018, photo by Nicole Emmanuel

New-Moon Leopold

Trakehner colt by Widgee Park Total Eclipse (Trakehner – Exeter, Australia)
Sold to a sport home in South Australia

New-Moon Odin ShA, 2021, photo by Nicole Emanuel

New-Moon Odin

Shagya-Araber colt by New-Moon Orion (Arabian x Shagya-Araber – New-Moon Stud) Retained at New-Moon Stud