Breed: Shagya-Araber
Registration: pending
Date of Birth: 13/10/2020
Colour: Grey
Height: 124cm at 3 months
Girth: 137 cm at 3 months
Cannon: 16cm at 3 months
Genetics: not tested, clear from mother

NM Maia is a confident and friendly filly, taking after her dam and sister in character.  She floats over the ground and promises to grow into another stunning daughter from our imported mare, Medina.

Not yet shown due to Covid-19 restrictions.


New-Moon Orion Grey 2016 AustraliaOlymp al Samarra DE-313 GreyKosmonaut ox BrownNaftalin ox
Karinka ox
Olbia GreyO’Bajan I-10
Sashenka Lea ox Grey Adras oxAdres ox
Arina ox
Greengrove Sasha oxNarim ox
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Medina ÖShA358 Grey 1998Shagan DShA4105 Grey 1998Shagal DShA3798 Grey 1976Shagya I
48 Siglavy Bagdady
Shydra DShA3616 Grey 1975Shagya XLIV
1 Koheilan
Mirza-372 ÖShA131 Grey 1985Shagya-91 ÖShA17 Grey 1977Shagya XXXIX-1-1
Shagya XLVI-4 ÖShA47 Grey 1977Shagya XLVI
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