Internationale Shagya-Araber Gesellschaft (ISG)

Shagya-Araber Links

Australian Endurance Riders Association

Hogan Planning Town Planning Consultants
Specialising in equestrian development planning

Dixon Smith Equestrian
Equestrian equipment and clothing.

Dr Kellon horse nutrition

Australian Horse Industry Council

Bowral Dressage Club Inc

Samarra Stud, Germany

Sterling Shagya Sporthorses, California, USA, home of Sterling Silver AF


NSW Endurance Riders Association

Balanced Equine
Equine nutrition and hoofcare. Balanced Equine provides independent and professional guidance on feeding horses taking into account their workload and health status. Since many minerals can compete with each other for absorption, Balanced Equine specialises in feeding plans formulated to ensure no mineral is deficient and all minerals are balanced correctly to prevent adverse interactions. Optimal nutrition is important for good health and performance in horses, Balanced Equine takes the complexity out of choosing which feed products or supplements to use on the basis of quality and value.

Nicole Clare Emanuel Photography

Arabian Horse Society of Australia