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New-Moon Delilah

New-Moon Delilah is a confident, inquisitive and friendly mare. Willing to learn and sporting a pedigree that bursts with performance stars in both endurance and dressage.

Kosmonaut ox Brown 1986 Tersk

Olbia Grey 1978

Naftalin ox Brown 1977 Tersk

Karinka ox 1974 Tersk

O’Bajan I-10 Grey 1970

Maruschka Grey 1971

Topol ox

Nepriadwa ox

Aswan ox

Karta ox

O’Bajan I

30 Shagya XXXII

Shagya XXXIX-1

Moldau I (161 Gazal VIII)

M’sar Z’dul Ch AHSA

Zigessye Grey AHSA

Wimsey Abdul Grey

Nandina Lass Ch

Danzig Ch

Dessye Grey

Snow King

Wimsey Rakita

Simeon Sa’ar

Indra Dani






Presented to International Judge Frank Weisskirchen on The National Tour 2019.  New-Moon Delilah received a score of 9.5 for her head, 8.0 for all other conformation assessments and for overall type, with a final score of 81.25% (Elite ranking for the tour).