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DECEASED. Laila, one of the beautiful Shagya-Araber mares we imported from Austria. Her grace and self-carriage continue through her sons and grand-daughters.

Djardan DShA4367 Bay 1988

Daikir DShA 3552 Bay 1975

Arjana DShA 3054 Bay 1972

Dahoman II-11 1966 K

Koheilan II-2 1967 Top

Koheilan II 1961 Top

Azanja V 1957 K

851 K. Dahoman II

579 Jalta III

Koheilan II

Shagya XII

Koheilan I

632 Shagya VII

K Aferim

527 Abaza I

Koheilan-746 209Ö ShA Bay 1991

Koheilan III-2 27 ÖShA Bay 1974

Saba-184 62 ÖshA Grey 1980

Koheilan III 1967 Top

86 Orestes II-5 1961 Top

Gazal-4 1971

Siglavy Bagdady 1971 Top

Koheilan II

45 Rasim I-5

Orestes II

691 Shagya X-12

Gazal VII-6

O’Bajan XIII-5

Siglavy Bagdady

111 Shagya XX-13


Highest score purebred Trakehner and Foundation halter horse (score 77.8%) – Trakehners Australia Inc 2014 tour.

About Laila

An extremely elegant and graceful mare, Laila was imported from Ing. Rudolph Meindl’s stud in Austria to be a foundation for the Shagya-Araber breeding program at New-Moon Stud.  A breeder of colts, she passed on her elegance, frame and carriage to each of her four sons.  

We have no daughters from Laila, but are blessed with a substantial genetic legacy through her sons, particularly New-Moon Odin who is very much enjoying his new career.  We are in love with each of her five grand-daughters – NM Melita, NM Ziri, NM Jalara, NM Marelda, and NM Dione.


New-Moon Leopold
New-Moon Galileo
New-Moon Odin