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New-Moon Melita

FOR SALE! New-Moon Melita is a strong baroque style mare typical of our “M” family, with an affectionate and willing nature. She was broken in earlier this year and despite only limited work, enjoys trail rides and strides along like a pro! She is continuing to mature into a stunning girl.

O’Bajan XXIV Dark Brown 1997

Laila ÖShA367 Bay 1997

O’Bajan XVIII Black 1984

178 Juditha Grey 1990

D-jardan DShA4367 Brown 1988

Koheilan-746 ÖShA 209 Br 1991

O’Bajan XIII-1

O’Bajan I-17





Koheilan III-2


Shagan DShA4105 Grey 1998

Mirza-372 ÖShA131 Grey 1985

Shagal DShA3798 Grey 1976

Shydra DShA3616 Grey 1975

Shagya-91 ÖShA17 Grey 1977

Shagya XLVI-4 ÖShA47 Grey 1977

Shagya I

48 Siglavy Bagdady

Shagya XLIV

1 Koheilan

Shagya XXXIX-1-1


Shagya XLVI

84 Shagya XL


Reserve Champion Open Junior, Trakehners Australia Inc 2018 tour.  Visiting German judge Frank Weisskirchen awarded NM Melita a 9 for type and 81.43% overall (Elite ranking for the tour).

About New-Moon Melita

NM Melita is an affectionate mare who comes to meet you in the paddock.  She was started under saddle earlier this year and is going well.  She has had limited work due to time and weather constraints, but rides out on forest trails like a seasoned campaigner with a good rhythmic walk and a sensible attitude to new experiences.  

A strong girl with excellent bone, NM Melita is suited to a performance career across a range of disciplines.  She has been kept and worked barefoot.  An easy keeper with excellent ground manners.


New-Moon Marelda