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New-Moon Odin

New-Moon Odin is a bold and beautiful young stallion, with large expressive eyes, gorgeous neck and shoulder, and elegant movement in all three paces. He was started under saddle in May 2023 showing a lovely natural frame, and an easy style over jumps. His three foals (all fillies) have each inherited his stand-out type and bold friendly nature.

Sashenka Lea ox AU Grey

Kosmonaut ox Tersk

Olbia ShA

Adras ox GB

Greengrove Sasha ox GB

Naftalin ox RU

Karinka ox RU

O’Bajan 1-10


Adres ox RU

Arina ox PL

Narim ox RU

Vnuchka ox RU

Djardan Germany Bay

Koheilan-746 ShA Austria Grey

Daikir ShA Germany

Arjana ShA Germany

Koheilan III-2 ShA Austria

Saba-184 62 ShA Austria

Dahoman II-11

Koheilan II-2

Koheilan II

Azanja V

Koheilan III

86 Orestes II-5


Siglavy Bagdady

About New Moon Odin

NM Odin was presented on the Australian All Breeds Tour 2020 to International Judge Frank Weisskirchen. NM Odin scored extremely well, with a 9 for head, and for saddle position/shoulder, and an overall conformation score of 84%. This was the second highest conformation score given on the entire 2020 tour. He scored 8 for each of walk, trot and canter, with an overall movement score of 78%. Bringing his total score to 81%, in the Elite tour category. 


New-Moon Dione
New-Moon Jalara
New-Moon Ziri