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Olymp al Samarra

New Moon Stud is the Australian agent for the Elite Shagya-Araber stallion, Olymp al Samarra. Olymp has been approved in three separate stallion performance tests and is a sire of performance champions. His progeny are athletic, very trainable, and beautiful.

Naftalin ox Brown 1977 Tersk

Karinka ox Grey 1974 Tersk

Topol ox

Nepriadwa ox

Aswan ox

Karta ox

Priboj ox

Taktika ox

Pomeranets ox

Napraslina ox

Nazeer ox

Yosreia ox

Arax ox

Kapella ox

Olbia Grey 1978

O’Bajan I-10 Grey 1970

Maruschka Grey 1971

O’Bajan I (DK)

30 Shagya XXXII (DK)

Shagya XXXIX-1

Moldau I (161 Gazal VIII)

O’Bajan X

36 Siglavy VI

Shagya XXXII

303 Shagya XXVIII

Shagya XXXIX

58 Shagya XXXVI

Gazal VIII

80 Shagya XXXV

About Olymp al Samarra (Elite)

This Elite and much admired stallion currently stands at Samarra stud in Germany.  We are delighted to be his Australian agent and so offer this exciting breeding opportunity to sport horse breeders on this side of the world!

As a young stallion, Olymp scored 7.48 in the ZSAA Stallion Performance Test held at the most significant European sport event for Arabian horses, thereby earning his Shagya-Araber breed license under the approval of the German Minister for Agriculture.  The Trakehner Verband have also licensed him for the Trakehner breed.

He competed successfully in eventing across Bavaria for three successive seasons.  During this time, he enrolled in a further Sport Performance Test, where he won the dressage component against 30 warmblood horses. 

Following his time on the eventing circuit, Olymp took on endurance and competed successfully in International CEI events in Germany, Hungary and France. His impressive results achieved a third Sport Performance Test, where he claimed one of the highest results of the last 15 years.  At this time the German endurance Team selected him to compete as part of the team at the 2011 European Championships at Florac.  

After continuing endurance success and five years after his initial selection for the German endurance team, at 17 years of age, he won 1st place in the CEIJYR** 120km endurance ride in The Netherlands (May 2016) and again joined the German endurance team, this time at the 2016 Junior European Championship in Portugal.

Influence on New-Moon Stud

Olymp’s progeny are sensible, trainable, and athletic, with these essential sport horse qualities strongly passed on through successive generations.

The New-Moon mare group currently boasts a wealth of Olymp descendants, including two fillies by Olymp (NM Delilah and NM Marelda), one filly by NM Orion (NM Maia), and three fillies by NM Odin (NM Ziri, NM Jalara, and NM Dione). 


New-Moon Marelda
New-Moon Delilah
New-Moon Jameka - SOLD
New-Moon Orion