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Zariah al Samarra

Zariah, one of our beautiful Shagya-Araber foundation mares. She was imported from the Samarra endurance stud in Germany in 2013 and is the foundation of our “Z” line. A powerful, tough, no-nonsense mare with the character to win. Easy to train and work with in any conditions.

Komet ShA DE, 2001

Kosmonaut ox Tersk 1986

Samora ShA 1990

Naftalin ox Tersk, 1977

Karinka ox Tersk, 1974

Orotalt ShA 1985

Sara II ShA 1981

Topol ox

267 Nepriadwa ox

Aswan ox

244 Karta ox

O’Bajar ShA

Marzalla ShA

Amor ShA

Sandra (D) ShA

Zahira ShA DE, 1987

Navarra ShA 1978

Ziweta, Tersker 1972

Saphiro ShA 1973

Nedda (D) ShA 1962

Zagal 34, Tersker 1956

Terciga 20, Tersker 1965

Czardas ShA

Szikra I (D) ShA

Jussuf VII ShA

288 O’Bajan X ShA

Zyklon, Tersker

17 Prerija, Tersker

Tibet 102, Tersker

Zista 36, Tersker


Shows in hand:

2nd 5yo purebred Trakehner class (score 73.5%) Trakehners Australia Inc 2014 tour.


November 2020 – Tumut Endurance Ride 85km – successful completion

October 2020 – The Matar Stables Bullio Cup endurance ride 80km – successful completion.


About Zariah

Zariah al samarra commenced endurance training in Australia in 2019 and successfully completed her first two 80km rides at the end of 2020 with excellent recoveries.  She is a super comfortable, easy to manage, no-nonsense riding horse.  Zariah comes from a family of endurance stars, with parents, siblings, cousins and nieces consistently climbing European and world endurance podiums, and several ranked in FEI top 10 world rankings for endurance.  While the family sport is endurance, Zariah’s sire, Komet, was the top scoring stallion in his stallion performance test, including dressage and jumping criteria, and 95% of his progeny are awarded premium status by the breeding commissions.

Tragically, Zariah developed a Staphylococcus infection in her elbow joint in early 2021, requiring hospitalisation, multiple surgeries, and a long recovery.  It was touch and go for a while, but being the tough mare she is, she bravely pulled through and is now herself again.  But her promising career had to end before it properly began.  

They say there is always a silver lining.  Zariah has proved to be the most amazing mother, willing nursemaid to the foal group while the other mothers go shopping, and even allowing another foal to suckle while we were holding her for a routine manicure.  

Her daughter, New-Moon Ziri, is showing the same perfect blend of confidence, toughness, sense and kindness that gives a performance mare her edge to win.

Our “Z” family will be your dream partners for competitive equine sport.

Zariah is currently in foal to the German Shagya-Araber stallion, Tolstoj al Samarra, due to foal in December 2024.


New-Moon Ziri
New-Moon Galan