The Australian All Breeds Tour is a National Show for all equestrian breeds.  We highly value the expert independent advice provided throughout the tour by the International Breed Judge (Zuchtricher FN) Frank Weisskirchen from Germany.  Licensed breed judges with the FN undergo an intensive and rigorous training program over 4 years, judging an extensive number and variety of breeds and types of horses and ponies.

Frank Weisskirchen is on the German Trakehener Association (Trakehner Verband) Board of Stallion Owners, and has more than 20 years experience in warmblood breeding and International horse marketing.  Frank Weisskirchen is a successful and Internationally recognised breeder and agent for high class sport horses for eventing, dressage and show jumping.

The tour provides opportunity for Australian breeders to obtain a completely independent and transparent evaluation of their horses, based on the European scoring system.  Horses are scored first for conformation, with separate scores out of ten assigned to Head, Neck, Saddle position/Shoulder, Frame/topline, Forehand/forelegs, Hindquarter/hindlegs, and overall type.  Horses are then walked in hand to encourage a relaxed long-striding walk, and then released for scoring of true trot and canter.  The scores are combined for an overall percentage.

Additional ridden and jumping phases are also available, including free-jumping.

The tour also provides opportunity for breed classifications and for licensing of breeding mares.

At New-Moon Stud we presented two horses on the 2020 tour, our Shagya-Araber colt foal New-Moon Odin, and a recently purchased Thoroughbred mare Gennikay.

New-Moon Odin scored extremely well, with a 9 for head, and for saddle position/shoulder, and an overall conformation score of 84%.  This was the second highest conformation score given on the entire 2020 tour.  He scored 8 for each of walk, trot and canter, with an overall movement score of 78%.  Bringing his total score to 81%, in the Elite tour category.  We hope that as he matures and his front end catches up with his hind end, his movement scores will be even better, making him a truly superb future stallion prospect.

Gennikay has some conformation faults, but scored well in movement, with an overall score of 72.25%.  She has been accepted into the Trakehner Verband studbook for breeding.

The absolute icing on the cake for us this year was that Frank Weisskirchen awarded New-Moon Stud the Special Assessors Award of “Best Breeding Program on Tour


L:  New-Moon Odin

R:  Gennikay