The National Tour is a wonderful opportunity to have our horses independently assessed and scored for sport horse conformation and movement, and to continue our learning from the experienced and knowledgeable visiting German judge Frank Weisskirchen.

It is important to us that our Shagya-Araber and Arabian horses are true sporting athletes in their own right, and can also be used as improvement out-crosses to other sport horse breeds.

Our foals are consistently improving, with two of our fillies scoring over 80% this year, which is an elite score.  New-Moon Delilah scored 81.25%, which was the =5th highest score of all 110 horses, all breeds on the tour, and higher than all warmblood stallions and colts presented on the tour.

New-Moon Delilah

New-Moon Galan

New-Moon Jameka

New-Moon Mellita

New-Moon Orion