New-Moon Jalara

New-Moon Jalara Shagya- Araber

New-Moon Jalara is a 2022 foal from our lovable and spirited “J” family. She is small but confident and holds her place in the herd. She has a stunning all Arabian face with huge eye, and graceful movement.

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New-Moon Ziri

FOR SALE! New-Moon Ziri is a filly from our competitive “Z” family, daughter of the imported Shagya-Araber mare, Zariah al Samarra. A very confident and friendly yearling with the world at her feet.

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New-Moon Marelda

New-Moon Marelda Shagya-Araber

New-Moon Marelda is a 2022 foal. A friendly and lovely baroque style filly from our “M” family. Will suit dressage and eventing.

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New-Moon Maia

New-Moon Maia is a confident and friendly filly who floats over the ground and is maturing into a stunning baroque style mare typical of our “M” family. Recently started under saddle with no fuss at all. She has been obliging and willing to learn.

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New-Moon Delilah

New-Moon Delilah is a confident, inquisitive and friendly mare. Willing to learn and sporting a pedigree that bursts with performance stars in both endurance and dressage.

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New-Moon Galan

New-Moon Galan Shagya-Araber

FOR SALE: A friendly and athletic fellow. NM Galan has recently started his jump training and is showing nice potential. He is currently on a spell doing light trail riding in the forest and will resume education in 2024. $14,000 AUD (including GST).

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New-Moon Melita

FOR SALE! New-Moon Melita is very much her mother’s daughter, a compact baroque style mare typical of our “M” family, with an affectionate and willing nature. She promises to mature into a stunning mare.

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New-Moon Jameka – SOLD

SOLD. New-Moon Jameka is a sweet and gentle mare. Friendly, easy to train and easy to love. She is very Arabian in type with a beautiful face and large expressive eyes, typical of our “J” family.

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Shagya-Araber colt by Or-Kahn from Laila, bred by R. Meindl in Austria prior to Laila’s export to Australia.

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