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Our Horses

learn about our horses and bloodlines

Explore the families and profiles of our horses below.

Our five foundation mares have each infused the stud with a character and type of their own, the dominant traits remaining evident through following generations.

  • Laila (ShA imp. Austria), consistently produced good-natured sons with elegant necks and self-carriage, very evident in our resident stallion New-Moon Odin, and continuing through his progeny.
  • Medina (ShA imp. Austria), a bold and glorious baroque-style mare.  She blessed us with strong, confident curvy girls suited to dancing in the dressage arena.  Foundation of our “M” family – a heavier build with gorgeous type.
  • Zariah al samarra (ShA imp Germany), a true equine athlete with potential across a range of disciplines.  She boasts a world-class endurance pedigree paired with an eminently sensible, willing and trainable character.  Foundation of our “Z” family – your partner when the going gets tough.
  • Kynnum Park Jamila (AV, Australia), “Why walk when you can dance!”  A feisty spirit, breathtaking in action, yet kind, gentle and beautiful.  Jamila had no vices whatsoever and her progeny, without fail, just looove human company.  Foundation of our “J” family – horses for your heart and soul. 
  • Summerzar M’Zigye (AV, Australia), a kind and sensitive soul, prone to anxiety but so naturally collected and light, you could be riding a cloud.  Foundation of our “D” family – your favourite ride.