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New-Moon Galan

FOR SALE! Eye-catching and athletic. NM Galan is showing potential over jumps and loves being out on the forest trails. He’s a sensitive fellow, but is confident being ridden out in the forest either on his own or in company.

O’Bajan XXIV Dark Brown 1997

Laila ÖShA367 Bay 1997

O’Bajan XVIII Black 1984

178 Juditha Grey 1990

D-jardan DShA4367 Brown 1988

Koheilan-746 ÖShA 209 Br 1991

O’Bajan XIII-1

O’Bajan I-17





Koheilan III-2


Komet ShA DE Grey 2001

Zahira ShA DE Grey 1987

Kosmonaut ox Brown, Tersk 1986

Samora ShA Grey 1990

Navarra ShA Grey 1978

Ziweta Tersker Grey 1972

Naftalin ox

Karinka ox

Orotalt ShA

Sara II ShA

Saphiro ShA

Nedda ShA

Zagal 34 Tersker

Terciga 20 Tersker


Presented to International Judge Frank Weisskirchen on the ACE Group Inc National assessment tour in March 2022.  NM Galan achieved Premium status with an overall score of 78%.  NM Galan was scored 8.0 for his walk and trot, correctness in gaits and overall type.

About New Moon Galan

New-Moon Galan is an eye-catching, athletic, young horse with exciting potential across a range of disciplines.

Bred from imported European parents, NM Galan is people-oriented, intelligent, sensitive, and has stamina to burn.  He’s now looking for a rider he can bond with.  Accustomed to dogs, chooks, and cats around his feet. He can be paddocked on his own or with others. He has been kept and worked barefoot.

NM Galan is showing potential over jumps, with good natural ability and being very straightforward to ride to a jump.  He is currently training to around 80cm, with scope to jump higher.  He would suit a competent amateur or professional looking for a nice young horse to produce.

He also loves being ridden out on the forest trails and is confident on his own or in company.  He has an active walk and is keen to move along.

Urgent sale.  Price guide $5,000.  All offers will be genuinely considered.  Lease or terms considered.

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