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New-Moon Marelda

FOR SALE! New-Moon Marelda is a 2022 foal. A friendly and lovely baroque style filly from our “M” family. Will suit dressage and eventing.

Kosmonaut ox Brown 1986 Tersk

Olbia Grey 1978

Naftalin ox Brown 1977 Tersk

Karinka ox 1974 Tersk

O’Bajan I-10 Grey 1970

Maruschka Grey 1971

Topol ox

Nepriadwa ox

Aswan ox

Karta ox

O’Bajan I

30 Shagya XXXII

Shagya XXXIX-1

Moldau I (161 Gazal VIII)

New-Moon Galileo ShA Bay AU

Medina ShA Gr AT

O’Bajan XXIV ShA Dk Br

Laila ShA Bay

Shagan ShA Gr

Mirza ShA Gr AT

O’Bajan XVIII ShA Bl

178 Juditha ShA Gr

Djardan ShA Br

Koheilan-746 ShA Br

Shagal ShA Gr

Shydra ShA Gr

Shagya 91

84 Shagya XLVI-4

About New-Moon Marelda

NM Marelda is a lovely, harmonious, and elegant Shagya-Araber filly.  Expected to mature to 15.2hh, she will be a strong, athletic type suited to dressage and eventing, and a range of other equestrian disciplines.  NM Marelda has been well-handled from birth, is very trainable, and is confident being led from another horse on trail rides out in the forest.  

Urgent sale.  Price guide $1,000.  All offers will be genuinely considered.